Sunday School

Every Sunday during September through May we have Sunday School for adults as well as the kids. While the kids meet with their group downstairs in the chapel, the adults are upstairs learning together. This is an informal time to connect with others in the church while digging deeper into scripture together. Get to know others, grow in your faith, and help others do the same.

For the fall, the adults are working through the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course. Come join us as we learn what it means to be emotionally mature Christians so that we may be spiritually mature as a church.

Here are the remaining homework assignments for the rest of this calendar year for adult Sunday School:

Nov 10 – pg.71-74

Nov 17 – pg. Preview Session 6 (81-82)

Nov 24 – pg. 83-87

Dec. 1 – pg. Preview Session 7 (97)

Dec 8 – pg. 99-104

Dec 15 – pg. Preview Session 8 (111-112)

Dec 22 – pg. 114-117

Bible Studies

Studying the Bible with other Christians is an important part of growing in Christ at Windom Evangelical Free Church. It is our desire that each member of our church participates in a group outside of the church service with other church members. Why? A Bible study is about more than just reading the Bible. We strive to meet together in Bible study groups to search, ask questions, and apply Biblical truths to our lives. When we study the Bible together, we believe the natural result is change in our own lives. Meeting in a group to study the Bible allows that change to multiply and bless those around us in the church and community.

See the church calendar for the schedule of when Bible studies meet during the week. If you are interested in joining a study, let us know, we would love to have you!