Sunday School

Every Sunday from September though May we have Sunday school for all ages. This is a time for kids to learn from the Bible through interaction with teachers from our congregation. While there are lots of stories in the Bible, the message of each of them leads to the same truth. The Bible is a story about Jesus!

This year for Sunday school kids are using The Gospel Project curriculum. Go check it out yourself, and see what they are learning.


Awana is a kids program used by thousands of churches worldwide that happens in our chapel on Wednesday nights during the school year starting at 6:30pm. Kids learn, play, and work together to discover more about Jesus while they are at Awana. If you want to see happens at Awana, bring your kids from Kindergarten through 6th grade and come check it out!

For the Awana schedule during the school year, make sure to keep checking the church calendar for any updates. If you would like to sign up and join Awana, send us an email at: