Traditionally, our church has always been supportive of missions. We have over 100years of history… in the 1960s we gave about ten percent of our budget to missions.  This amount has grown steadily over the last fifty years, but primarily in the last decade.  In 2011 we dedicated 16% of our budget to missions, and in 2012 we have dedicated 18% of our budget to missions.

The goal set forth by our Missions Ministry Team for 2012 through 2017 steadily increases our percentage of budget going to missions until we reach 25%.


The heart of our church for missionary service is better understood, however, by looking at our total missions giving. If we include the funding spent by individuals from our church, investing in short term missions, we often double the missions budget. For example, we invested $43,000 of our budget in missions, or 16%. Yet if we include the money invested by individuals for church mission trips, our percentage rises to 26%.  In 2010, after the Haiti earthquake, we invested over $120,000 in missions and mission trips, which was nearly half the church budget.


The focus of our Missions Ministry Team is clearly on putting new time, energy, prayer, and finances into the 10/40 window countries.  This area encompasses a huge land area, and most of the unreached people groups in the world.  Many of these countries are difficult to reach with the Gospel, and millions of their peoples die every year without ever having heard the name of Jesus Christ.

It is our desire to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19). We yearn for the time when all people groups will be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ, as we eagerly await His return!