Tim and Carolyn Dahlin

We continue to devote our lives to ministry to the Spanish speaking world. While the church in the Spanish speaking world (and Latin America in particular) is experiencing significant growth, there is a dearth of adequately trained leaders. As a result, the church is vulnerable to aberrant teaching and to inadequate styles of leadership. Through the Latin American Training Network, known in Spanish as ProMETA, we are seeking to multiply Christian leaders throughout the Spanish speaking world. In particular, we are focusing on men and women experienced in ministry and in positions of leadership, providing the tools so they in turn may train others and promote the health of the churches and associations in which they minister.  

Tim is the trainer and supervisor of LATN’s mentors (on line facilitators). He also mentors and develops courses personally.  We are also reaching out to the Hispanic population in our area, seeking to win Hispanics to faith in Christ and helping them mature as Jesus’ followers in the context of a Christian community. We are doing so with the sponsorship and encouragement of the Bethel Free Church in Fairmont. Tim continues to serve as a pastor in our congregation and leader of our ministry team. He together with others is involved in teaching and training as well as shepherding and outreach.   Carolyn works with our Hispanic congregation’s worship ministry and teaches children.

Tim & Carolyn Dahlin       timothy.dahlin@efca.org         507-235-56833711 Cedar Park Road
Fairmont, MN 56031
Children: Joel, Karin, Jonathan